Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Schizophrenic Art

I have been collecting "Schizophrenic Art" for a few years now. The work is usually packed with words and layers and layers of meaning. This example was taken from a telephone pole, (there were many) and is full of paranoia, although who knows, perhaps this is a vital message from a Seer. The full page was filled with text and then there were the small drawings.

I have retyped some of the message below:

Who did pay monkeys from 14the century to kill slavics against the law (all together against Slavics 10,000-countrys with car-air industry only) Only 10 Blond countrys with car- Air industry only ID Blondes Europeans do make everything won Germ-Russ-Fr-Jap-USA-Italy-Neutral Yugoslavia (size 8 foot payed size 8 foot to kill Europe size 11 Foot and destroy Capitalist World produce Good quality -ART-Music and push Human kind 60 years back to oceans- all planet doesn't have $ to build space maschine, poor metals-95% stupid and number growing because human brain getting smaller without space machine this is beginning of I.W.W. and you are going back to oceans-and 95% Black Eyes do kill 5% Blondes (next year 3% it means end to humans- you didnt build space machine.
We must stop T.N. war-or you are going to finish like Atlantis-for sure you are on the coors. like dolphins, you didnt build space machine-we can teach you, but you must to change tops- Artists on the tops-produce good quality brain on the first place not money.


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