Thursday, April 27, 2006

But what is inside those packages?

"Package" by Christo, 59x71 cm., for sale at for $50.000 U.S.

Cops blast 'parcel bomb' artist and warn: She may face jail
By Jeff Edwards Chief Crime Correspondent

AN ARTIST could face jail for bringing panic to thousands of London commuters yesterday by leaving five suspicious parcels in the street.
The unnamed 36-year-old was arrested after the multiple bomb scare delayed up to 100,000 commuters.
Several hundred officers raced to the scene amid fears of a terrorist attack.
Large areas around the BBC TV centre in Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush were cordoned off while bomb-disposal officers checked the boxes. The woman was arrested nearby and claimed they were an art installation. Scotland Yard said the woman's actions were "reckless, selfish, and stupid" and are calling for her to be jailed.
An anti-terrorist source said: "This prank spread fear and anxiety among thousands. To do such a thing after last July's outrages defies belief."
Police say it cost them £100,000. The woman was charged with causing a public nuisance and released on bail. (from the Daily Mirror)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Shop & Guilt

These images are stuck to the glass doors of a shop in Paris. What is the message here? How could you spend your money better? Do you really need that sweater? At the very least there is a "shock factor" here. Is it art? Why not?